6 June 2024

The cabinet is expected to consider, today (Tuesday), the Transport Ministry’s package of proposals to ease the financial burden for commuters using public transport and motorists using Don Muang toll-way.

According to Transport Minister Saksayam Chidchob, the package includes:

  • A cut in fares on the Purple Line to a maximum of 20 baht for the entire route, down from 42 baht, for a three-month period from December 25th until March 31st next year.
  • 5% discount on the Don Muang toll-way fees for motorists who buy coupons for a period of six months. A set of 20 x 80 baht coupons will be discounted to 1,520 baht and a set of 20 x 35 baht coupons will be discounted to 665 baht.
  • 10% discount on city bus fares for air-conditioned bus services and 5% discount for non-aircon services for commuters who have electronic tickets. The discount started on December 1st and will last until January 31st next year.
  • Airport Link fares to be reduced to 25 baht maximum for the entire route from Phya Thai to Suvarnabhumi International.

The proposed package is intended to be a New Year’s gift from the Transport Ministry for people in Bangkok.

Mr. Saksayam said that the ministry will also press ahead with overhauling projects which have been widely opposed by the public, such as the requirement for all private cars to be equipped with a GPS system, the controversial Pakbara-Songkhla deep-sea port project and the rehabilitation plan for the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority.