11 July 2024

The final curtain will come down on Ploen Wan, one of Hua Hin’s most popular tourist attractions, at the end of this January due to financial difficulties.

Tenants of the 50s-era shopping village, located on Petkasem Road and close to the Klaikangwon Palace, have been notified of the closure, scheduled for January 31st, 2020. All tenants will, however, be exempted from paying rent for January as a gesture of thanks from the proprietor, Khun Pathra Sahawat.

In her latest Facebook post, Khun Pathra said the idea to create this pleasant and welcoming hideaway for people of all ages came to her 12 years ago, adding that she aspired to transform her dream into a non-profit business for society.

“What we have received in return is priceless, the happiness that can be felt in our community, both in the customers and our trading partners who have supported Ploen Wan all throughout.”

“Every one of us has learned, has shared the mutual experiences and passed on the inspiration.  We feel proud of our work, which was based on ‘Thainess’, but nothing is permanent.  Ploen Wan is to be a thing of the past, which is memorable and a school, the lessons from which we will never forget.  We will draw the curtain on this stage and prepare for the next,” said Khun Pathra in remembrance of this popular tourist attraction.

According to Lonely Planet, Ploen Wan (Lose Yourself in the Past) is a retro-themed market with small stalls designed to resemble the old shop-houses of Thai-Chinese neighbourhoods in Bangkok and Hua Hin.  It is full of old photos, vintage furniture and Thais as well as foreign tourists posing for photos.