6 June 2024

Bangkok and its suburbs will remain cold and windy for the next 24 hours, due to a strong cold front which is covering Thailand and the South China Sea, according to the Thai Meteorological Department’s weather forecast on Monday.

Minimum temperatures in Bangkok and its suburbs are forecast at 17-19oC, while maximum temperatures are forecast at 28-32oC.

Minimum temperatures in northern Thailand today (Monday) and tomorrow are forecast at 11-17oC in the low lands and 2-9oC in mountainous areas.

North-eastern provinces are cool and windy, with minimum temperatures forecast at 7-13oC in the low lands and 5-10oC at higher elevations.

The central region will remain cool until tomorrow, with minimum temperatures ranging from 15-18oC.

Rain can be expected along 40% of the east coast in the south, with heavy rain anticipated in Songkhla, Pattani, Yala and Narathiwat. Waves are up to 4 metres and higher in stormy areas.

20% of the west coast of the south, mainly in Trang and Satun provinces, will see rainfall. Waves are up to 2 metres in height.