11 July 2024

On the eve of one of Thailand’s most crucial general elections, His Majesty the King on Saturday night reminded the Thai people of the need to choose good people to govern and to prevent bad people from gaining power.

The Bureau of the Royal Household issued an announcement saying that HM the King had assigned the Lord Chamberlain to convey an excerpt from an address of the late King Bhumbol Adulyadej delivered on the opening of the 6th National Jamboree at the Vajiravudh International Scout Camp in Chonburi on December 11, 1989.

The excerpt reads: “One important thing in the administration of the country is that there are good and bad people.  No one can make everyone to be good people.  In order for the country to be at peace, it is not to make everyone good person, but to promote good people to govern and control the bad people, to prevent them from having the power and to create trouble.”

The announcement said that HM the King wished the Thai people, including all government officials, be they civil servants, military personnel or policemen, to be aware of the message of the late King who was concerned with national security and the happiness of Thai citizens.

The late King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s message, said the announcement, was intended to offer moral support and a guidance to those responsible for maintaining national unity, national security and for the happiness of the Thai people.