23 May 2024

PM Srettha Thavisin spent the morning of the final day of official Songkran public holidays visiting Thaksin Shinawatra at Chan Song La mansion. 

He offered parolee and former prime minister Thaksin a traditional Songkran water blessing, a deed associated with the Thai New Year in which people pour scented water on the hands of their elders’ and exchange good wishes.

The caption on PM Srettha’s X post reads, “I am here to wish PM Thaksin a Happy New Year’.

Srettha also alighted from his vehicle to greet members of the press in front of the mansion, amid speculation of a cabinet reshuffle.

Reports indicate that the PM and Thaksin had a private conversation after the blessing ceremony and the taking of pictures.

There were also a number of other visitors to the mansion this morning.