China will support Thailand in the crackdown on Chinese grey businesses

The Chinese Government is ready to support its Thai counterpart in dealing with Chinese grey business in Thailand. The two countries have been cooperating closely in the suppression of transnational crimes, such as online gambling and call centre scams, according to the Chinese Embassy in Bangkok in a statement posted on its Facebook page today.

The statement is in response to the extensive media coverage of Chinese grey businesses in Thailand over the past several weeks, which has painted Chinese businesses in general in a negative light.

The embassy said that the Chinese Government has urged all Chinese people and enterprises abroad to comply strictly with the laws and traditions of their host countries.

In Thailand, the embassy said that Chinese enterprises have contributed immensely to economic development and charitable enterprises in Thailand.

The embassy noted that only some groups of Chinese businessmen are involved in illegal activities in Thailand and it would be unreasonable to blame the misconduct of a few on the many and to use this as a pretext to oppose trade and economic cooperation between Thailand and China.

The embassy also warned of an “influential third hand”, which is trying to tarnish the reputation of China and undermine the friendly relationship between China and Thailand.

China will strongly oppose such attempts and will cooperate with the Thai people to maintain a good relationship between the two countries, said the statement.


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