11 July 2024

Chiang Mai has launched a COVID-19 vaccination campaign, as a precautionary measure ahead of the return of tourists from China, with the first direct flight between Shanghai and Chiang Mai set to arrive in the northern capital on January 18th.

Dr. Jatuchai Maneerat, the provincial public health chief, said today (Wednesday) that they will provide free COVID-19 vaccines to people working in the tourism sector, from January 23rd to 29th at the Chiang Mai Provincial Administrative Organisation (PAO) conference hall, with a target of administering 3,000 doses a day.

Free vaccinations will also be available for members of the public at the Nakornping, Chiang Mai Neurological, Chiang Mai Mother and Child and community hospitals, he said.

Dr. Jatuchai also said that the provincial health office will keep a close watch on new COVID variants and sub-variants among those under treatment at hospitals in the province, adding that waste water samples from every flight coming in from China will be checked for COVID-19.

He urged those who are over 60, suffering from underlying diseases and pregnant women to get vaccinated, if they are not inoculated, or to get booster doses to enhance their immunity and to reduce the risk of becoming severely ill if infected.

He disclosed that 3,081 people were found to be infected during the first week of January, representing a slight increase over the last seven weeks. Three people died.

88.61% of people in Chiang Mai have received two vaccine doses, 40.75% have received three doses.  86.36% of elderly people have received two vaccine doses and 48.45% have received three. Only 2.81% of children from six months to four years old have received one vaccine dose.