23 May 2024

Citing the low daily COVID-19 infection rate, of fewer than five cases for the past seven days, the provincial communicable disease committee of Chiang Mai has decided to ease some restrictions, starting Wednesday (June 9th).

Mr. Kanok Srichainan, permanent secretary of the Chiang Mai provincial administration, said today (Tuesday) that the COVID-19 situation in the province has improved steadily, so the provincial communicable disease committee deems it appropriate to allow the resumption of regular opening hours of department stores, convenience stores, shopping malls, community malls, night markets and eateries.

Alcoholic drinks, however, are still not permitted in eateries, including their outdoor facilities, and sales promotion activities, which may draw many people together, are still banned in malls and department stores.

Other businesses and venues, which have been closed since May 16th, will remain closed. These include pubs, bars, karaoke bars, gyms, cinemas and theatres, soapy massage parlors and bathhouses, snooker parlors, bowling alleys, game arcades or gaming parlours, internet cafes, martial art schools, tattoo parlours, dance halls and dance schools.

Cumulative infections in the province, since the third wave of pandemic began on April 1st, have reached 4,106 cases, but most have recovered, leaving 64 cases still under treatment in hospitals. The provincial death toll is 26 and 196,773 people have applied for vaccinations so far.