Cabinet endorses UNSC resolution on counter terrorism

The cabinet today endorsed the United Nations Security Council’s March 2019 resolution demanding that member states ensure that their counter-terrorism laws and activities are in compliance with their obligations under international law.

The resolution also calls upon member states to conduct financial investigations into terrorism-related cases and to investigate and prosecute cases of terrorist financing more effectively, applying criminal sanctions as appropriate.

The cabinet has assigned the ministries of defence, finance, transport, digital for economy and society, commerce, interior and justice, the Office of National Intelligence, the National Security Council, the Anti-Money Laundering Office, the Royal Thai Police, the Bank of Thailand and the Office of the Attorney-General to enforce the UNSC resolution and to report the results to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for consideration.

The cabinet has proposed increased measures to prevent the entry into or passage through Thailand of financial support for terrorists and the use of Thailand as shelter for temporary stay or for conducting financial transactions to support terrorists in the region or in other regions.


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