6 June 2024

The Thai cabinet approved, in principle, the issuance of medical treatment visas at their meeting today (Tuesday). The visa will allow foreigners seeking medical treatment in Thailand to stay for up to one year, without having to leave the country for visa renewals in the case of tourist visas.

Government deputy spokesperson Rachada Dhnadirek said that the decision is in line with the government’s policy to promote Thailand as an international medical hub.

To be eligible, each patient has to provide a bank statement with at least 800,000 baht for all the expenses in Thailand, and show proofs of a medical appointment that is made at least 30 days in advance, and an insurance that covers accidents, emergencies and COVID-19 worth no less than US$100,000.

She said that foreigners seeking treatment in Thailand currently use a tourist visa, which needs to be renewed, causing unnecessary inconvenience to the patients. The visa fee is 6,000 baht per person.

The validity of a single-entry tourist visa in Thailand typically lasts 3 months.