11 June 2024

A person who possesses one methamphetamine or “yaa baa” tablet or 100mg of crystal methamphetamine (Ice), instead of five yaa baa tablets or 500mg of Ice, will now be considered to be a drug user, under Cabinet resolution passed today,.

Deputy government spokesman, Karom Pholpornklang, said that the idea to cut down the amount of the two illegal narcotics in the possession of any individual, is to reduce the large number of small scale drug dealers.

He said that, when a ministerial regulation came into force on February 9, which specified that possession of five yaa baa tablets or 500mg of Ice was regarded as possession for personal consumption, it provoked public demands for a review of the regulation.

He also said that possession of one yaa baa tablet or 100mg of Ice will now not be regarded as a serious offence and the offender will be subject to rehabilitation adding, however, that this will be considered along with the other conduct and the severity of the addiction of the offender.

Thailand has, of late, been flooded with yaa baa, most of it smuggled through the porous border with Myanmar by hill tribe armed guards, who are associated with the ethnic minority forces in Myanmar.

Thai anti-narcotics and security sources said that the escalating civil war in Myanmar, between government troops and the rebel forces, has prompted the sharp increase in the production and smuggling of cheap yaa baa pills into Thailand, to raise funds for their war efforts.