6 June 2024

Outgoing Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha announced on Tuesday that he will leave politics and resign as a member of United Thai Nation Party.

His statement was posted on the party’s Facebook page.

He expressed his wish that the party’s leader and executive board members, as well as its members, will continue political activities with strong ideologies while protecting the country’s institutions and taking care of the Thai people.

He asked that people continue to support the work of the party and expressed his thanks to people who supported the party and him in the general election in May.

The party garnered 4,766,408 votes, 12.52% of the voter turnout. This gave the party 13 party-list MPs and 36 MPs altogether, which is considered good for a party which was only recently founded.

“I decided to be a member of the United Thai Nation party because I wanted a party of quality, with strong ideologies, which loves the country, the religion and the monarchy, as well as being a pillar for the country in the future,” Prayut wrote.

He was impressed with the understanding, sympathy and confidence he received from the people during his visits to meet them throughout the country.

“I am happy that I had opportunities to listen to the opinions of the party’s members and the people,” Prayut wrote, adding that these are the valuable experiences which he will never forget.

He said that, during the nine years as prime minister, he had worked hard and made best efforts to bring prosperity to the country and the public.