23 May 2024

Sakoltee Phattiyakul, Bangkok’s deputy governor, yesterday (Tuesday) received approval from the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) to raise the fine imposed on motorcyclists caught driving on the city’s sidewalks from Bt1,000 to Bt2,000, effective Thursday, August 1st.

Mr. Sakoltee was said to be ‘not happy’ that a number of motorcyclists are still using footpaths and pavements as shortcuts or to avoid traffic, despite the Bt1,000 fine. The BMA also plans to release a mobile phone application to assist in identifying offenders.

Motorcycles are a popular travel alternative in Bangkok’s busy areas and for getting deep into the city’s side-roads, but motorcyclists frequently pose a risk to pedestrians when they attempt to share the sidewalks.

It is reported that the BMA raked in over Bt11 million from 14,678 of the 20,659 motorcyclists who were caught on the pavements between July 9th 2018 and July 21st 2019.