11 July 2024

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has set up temporary shelters in the Bang Khen, Lak Si, Don Mueang, Sai Mai and Lat Krabang areas, in case residents there need to be evacuated if their houses are flooded, said Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt today (Sunday).

He expressed concern over the high water levels in the Prem Prachakon, Lat Phrao, Luang Paeng and Prawet canals, making it difficult for flood water in communities and on roads drain into them, adding that the efforts to drain water into canals will be made even harder if there is more heavy rain, which has exceeded 100mm on each of the past twodays.

He said that the BMA will have to buy more water pumps and, in the future, shift the emphasis from building huge water tunnels to dredging canals instead, to facilitate the flow of water.

The governor had lunch with six employees of the drainage unit at Bang Khen district office, including Boonruang Thana, who risked his life by diving into the drainage system in Ram Intra to remove garbage, which was clogging the system.

Meanwhile, officials from the Public Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Office and fire-fighting volunteers have managed to pump most of the water out of the flooded underground parking lot at a condominium in Bang Khen district.

At about 1pm today, it was reported that the water level in the basement had fallen from about two metres yesterday to about 20cm today. It is expected that all the water will be drained out by 6pm.

Employees of the condominium also erected sand-bag barricades to prevent water from the flooded road flowing back into the basement.

Governor Chadchart also visited the condominium this afternoon. He offered an apology for the city administration being unable to prevent everyone from being affected by flooding.