6 June 2024

Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt’s son Sanpiti has offered a public apology after his harsh criticism of the Move Forward party and its supporters backfired.

He branded the party’s supporters as “bratty teenagers and disobedient children” and criticised the party of lacking feasible economic policies and more.

Sandee launched his tirade on his IG account in English from abroad. Some of his criticisms included:

  • The Move Forward party will never succeed in amending Section 272 of the Constitution, the lèse majesté law or in getting its leader, Pita Limjaroenrat, elected as prime minister.
  • The Move Forward party did not win a landslide in the May 14th general election.
  • The Senate and the people in general don’t care about the party’s protests or complaints.
  • Farmers want policies that earn them increased revenues, not gender ideology or “woke performative bull***t.
  • To sum up, “nobody wants you in charge, only bratty teenagers and disobedient children.”
  • “Your party is only two years old. What have you done in the last five years? Lawsuit after lawsuit. Your top three executives are banned for a decade, and Pita may end up with similar fate.”

Sandee later offered an apology on his IG account, saying he regrets his actions adding, however, that he just wanted to express his opinion and does not harbour any hatred towards any parties or individuals.

He also admitted that he is inexperienced and not qualified to comment on political issues and said that he will read and research more about Thailand. He also said he is a supporter of the Pheu Thai party.