22 May 2024

Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) opened an exhibition today (Saturday), to showcase the transformation of Chong Nonsi Canal, in Bangkok’s Sathorn district, into a new kind of park, floating on the canal.

The exhibition, which features music shows, a model of the park project, the story of the rehabilitation of the canal and light-decorated trees, will last until January 5th.

BMA Spokesman Pongsakorn Kwanmuang said that the public space is just a fraction of the project to change the landscape of the canal into another landmark, to beautify the city and to provide another recreation area.

The project is consists of the activity and skywalk zones and a third zone to connect the park with the BRT bus service system, which runs parallel to the canal.

The quality of the water in the canal, which is used to be heavily polluted and emitted a foul odour, has been improved with the dredging of the canal to make it two metres deeper, increasing water flow.

In the next step, water in the canal will be pumped into a treatment plant in the Chong Nonsi area. The treated water will be pumped to Lumpini Park for use.