From everyday objects to mesmerizing works of art

Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder at the debut exhibition in Bangkok of Tunisian-French jewellery designer-turned-artist Shourouk Rhaiem. The renowned designer has turned everyday objects that are…

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Thai-Saudi business prospects

Diplomatic relations between Saudi Arabia and Thailand were re-established in 2022, ending several decades of rift between the two countries. This led to growing economic cooperation. Thai entrepreneurs had been…

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Crowned and Bejewelled Buddha Statue in Subduing Mara Posture, 13th century, found at the pagoda in the Mahathat Temple, Ayutthaya. Photo by Fine Arts Department.

A close look at Thailand’s finest Buddhas

For the first time, 81 Buddha images created over a period 1,300 years can now be admired in a spectacular exhibition at the Bangkok National Museum that combines beauty with…

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New beginnings burst into bloom in Yala Stories

For many, Yala is perceived as one of the three Deep South provinces long laced with terror. But for a lot of its youths and the new generation, it is…

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Meet the demon, Kumbhakarna, a 135-year-old copper mask with wide eyes and a grin on his face. (Photos by Phoowadon Duangmee)

Gods, demons and finery

Visitors to Bangkok’s Ratchadamnoen Contemporary Art Center are now able to see one of Thailand’s oldest Khon masks, as well as a range of glittering headdresses and spectacular traditional costumes….

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Bangkok city hall partially opens the Chong Nonsi floating park to the public

Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) opened an exhibition today (Saturday), to showcase the transformation of Chong Nonsi Canal, in Bangkok’s Sathorn district, into a new kind of park, floating on the…

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Exhibition held to mark Thailand’s high-profile illegal hunting case

Members of civil society and animal rights groups held an exhibition and other activities at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre today, ahead of tomorrow’s announcement of a landmark Supreme…

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The ancient lintel depicts Yama, the god of death, riding a buffalo above Kala’s face. The lintel is from Prasat Nong Hong temple in Buriram province. (Photo by Phoowadon Duangmee)

A tale of two lintels: The National Museum welcomes back Thailand’s long-lost treasures

Bangkok’s National Museum is currently displaying two ancient stone lintels that were recently retrieved from the Asia Art Museum in San Francisco. Sculpted sometime in the 9th or 10th century,…

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Thailand’s first medical marijuana exhibition opens in Buri Ram

Tens of thousands of people, including foreigners, today flocked to the Chang International Circuit, in the northeastern province of Buri Ram, to attend Thailand’s first exhibition of marijuana and marijuana extracts for medical use.   The…

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How many monitor lizards at Lumpini Park? It depends on whose count

The Bangkok Metroplitan Administration has no objection to a plan of the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation to hold an exhibition of monitor lizards in the Lumpini…

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