AstraZeneca increases vaccine production in Thailand by 20%


AstraZeneca (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has, through an open letter, announced that its COVID-19 vaccine production has increased by more than a 20%, to support vaccinations in Thailand and across the region.

Today (Tuesday), James Teak, President of AstraZeneca (Thailand) Co, published an open letter concerning the progress of their COVID-19 vaccine. The letter states that AstraZeneca has been working with Siam Bioscience to increase vaccine production in Thailand.

Originally, AstraZeneca was able to produce 580,000 doses per production cycle, but that has increased to 700,000 doses on average, demonstrating the potential of COVID-19 vaccine production in Thailand to exceed expectations.

35.1 million AstraZeneca vaccine doses have been delivered to the Thai government by the company to date, 10.5 million of which were in October alone. The plan is to supply a total of 61 million doses to Thailand by the end of this year and provide an additional 60 million doses, under a new contract, in 2022.

The company will soon be delivering AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine, imported from additional vaccine production sites, to countries in Southeast Asia including Thailand during the remainder of 2021, while also producing and delivering vaccines produced in Thailand by Siam Bioscience.


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