6 June 2024

Land travel between Thailand’s southern provinces and Bangkok has been disrupted in Chumphon province, as the Asian highway, the main artery, is heavily flooded, rendering it impassable to all vehicles except heavy goods vehicles.

About 300mm of rain fell on Sawi, Thung Tako and Lang Suan districts of the province on Tuesday, causing widespread flooding, inundating several sections of the Asian highway.

Chumphon Deputy Governor Somporn Patchimpetch, in his capacity as chief of the Flood Situation Command Centre, said that all vehicles, except heavy trucks have been advised to take a detour at Pathomporn intersection toward Ranong province, which will increase the distance by about 200 kilometres, if they have to travel further south.

Those who do not want to take the detour advised to take a break at rest stops or at gas stations and wait until the road is reopened to traffic.

Motorists heading for Bangkok are advised to stop in Lang Suan district to wait for the water to recede.  Those who want to continue the journey can take a detour at Wang Takor intersection into Pa Toh district and Ranong province, heading for Pathomporn intersection in Muang district of Chumphon.

According to officials in Chumphon province, this is the fourth flood in the province this year.