6 June 2024

People interested in applying for senatorial posts can pick up an application package, which includes forms for personal profile, educational background, expertise, and work experience, as well as the Election Commission’s manuals on Senate elections, at all district offices starting today.

Applicants are required to produce their ID cards or other photo ID, which must be issued by a state agency and carry their national ID number.

Registration of applications for Senate election will open on Monday at 928 districts offices and at 77 provincial halls.

Tomorrow is the last working day for the 250 incumbent senators, the 12th set of senators in Thailand, after which their terms expire.

Those who are eligible to apply for the election must be Thai nationals by birth, at least 40-years-old on the date of their application and have at least ten years of work experience, knowledge or expertise in either of the 20 specified occupational groups.

Twenty-six classes of people are prohibited from applying for election. Among them are owners or shareholders of a media business, government officials and state enterprise workers, former MPs, unless they have left parliament for more than five years, political party members, active or former political office holders and parents, spouses or children of MPs, senators or local administers.

Applicants will vote among themselves and there are three levels of election; district, provincial and national. Finally, only 200 of will become senators.

The new senators will have no role in the selection of the prime minister, but will have legislative power in vetting bills, amending the Constitution and approving members of independent organisations, such as the Constitutional Court, the Election Commission, the Ombudsmen, the Audit Council, the National Human Rights Commission and the National Anti-Corruption Commission.