23 May 2024

The anti-Myanmar junta National Unity Government (NUG) has appealed to all organisations and authorities to provide humanitarian assistance to the people of Myanmar fleeing the civil war in their country, to seek temporary refuge in Thailand.

A statement, issued by the Foreign Ministry of the resistance forces yesterday, said that the NUG, its ethnic allies and affiliated groups will cooperate with the Thai government and other related organisations in providing assistance to the displaced people from Myanmar.

The statement accused the Myanmar military of various forms of attacks, including artillery bombardments and air strikes on public buildings and the properties of civilians in and around Myawaddy township, driving thousands of civilians across the border into Thailand’s Mae Sot district of Tak province and surrounding areas.

The number of displaced people entering Thailand is expected to increase in the coming days, as the Myanmar junta has been increasing their indiscriminate attacks on civilian targets, said the statement.

The statement also said the NUG sincerely appreciates the assistance, shelter and other support given to the Burmese civilians by the Thai government, the Thai military and authorities in Tak province.

“This action portrays the Royal Thai government as being a good neighbour and the people of Myanmar will always remember this support and assistance,” said the statement.