Anchilee Scott-Kemmis wins hearts, but not crown

Anchilee Scott-Kemmis came home empty-handed from the Miss Universe contest but thanks to her, the hearts of many women are today a great deal fuller.

As the Miss Universe 2021 pageant ended on Monday, Thai people took to social media to express their support for the Thai beauty queen even though she failed to advance to the later rounds. Surprisingly, evenas the world got a new beauty queen, Anchilee and her #RealSizeBeauty became the top trending on twitter on Monday morning.

As she was eliminated in the top 16 round, Anchilee had no scene nor space to make her voice heard during the contest. But her messages have already had an impact. People are praising her for her courage in challenging the beauty norm. It seems her campaign to break the typical beauty standard has struck a chord with the new generation women.

Anchilee redefines beauty standards and campaigns to encourage women to embrace and celebrate diversity, individuality and  #RealSizeBeauty.

“I’m bummed that Miss Thailand didn’t make it. She was one of my favourites and I love what she stands up for. I am sure she will be a star after this. I will continue to follow her journey because I’m sure this won’t be the last we see of her,” said former Miss Universe  2015 Pia Wurtzbach.

Another Filipino on Twitter Maurie C (@cee_maruire) also sent Anchilee support as she tweeted: “I’m from the Philippines and I know many Filipinos who are supporting Miss Thailand as well. I actually expected her to be part of the top 16. But still, she is a queen! True beauty that exudes confidence! I also love that she won Miss Thailand.“

Despite being eliminated in the very first round, Anchilee has become an inspiration for a new generation of women. She campaigns for women to embrace their bodies. “Everyone should feel proud of their body because our real body has beauty that is unique and unidentical,” said Miss Thailand 2021.

“You take the risk of presenting #RealSizeBeauty – from the bottom of my heart, you are number one (the one and only one). Because of you, I have confidence,” said another Twitter user @im9qq.

Another supporter on Twitter thanked Anchilee for making women feel confident in their bodies. “Because of Ann, women won’t lose self-confidence when someone randomly says to your face: “why are you looking fatter? Or ,“why have you become so thin?”

Yet another sent Anchilee a tweet and asked her to continue campaigning on the issue. “What happened today has proved that how hard it is to change peoples attitude. Keep fighting!” said @smkptni

“What Ann (Anchilee) leaves us would drive a change in our society. It makes me and many young women feel more confident and dare to  be ourselves,” said Dao, a blogger who runs a FB page “Review Kha” with over 150K followers.

Dao said that she was really impressed by Anchilee’s remark on swimwear. “It is made to fit onto you. You’re not made to fit into it,”  she wrote on her FB page and posted a number of photos in her in swimsuits.

Anchilee told reporters that she was disappointed as she had prepared and worked a lot for the beauty contest but she had a bigger mission than competing for the crown. “I’ll continue with my bigger mission promoting the RealSizeBeauty.”

By Veena Thoopkrajae


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