Image Courtesy: Praveenar Singh Thakral / MUT Phuket

Never let societal norms change your mind – Praveenar Singh Thakral

“I think Miss Universe is a platform on which a woman can showcase their talents and inspire young women around the world, and that really inspires me to be better….

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Miss Universe 2022 inspires by breaking free from self-limiting beliefs

Bonney Gabriel, the newly crowned Miss Universe 2022, is capturing hearts and breaking barriers with her empowering journey. Overcoming self-doubt and embracing a world of possibilities, Gabriel serves as an…

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Photo: Miss Universe Thailand

The rags to riches story of the latest Miss Universe Thailand

The latest Miss Universe Thailand, 23-year-old Anna Suengam-iam, was born into a family of garbage collectors. She was crowned Miss Universe Thailand 2022 in the final of the pageant late…

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Anchilee Scott-Kemmis wins hearts, but not crown

Anchilee Scott-Kemmis came home empty-handed from the Miss Universe contest but thanks to her, the hearts of many women are today a great deal fuller. As the Miss Universe 2021…

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Positive representations like Anchilee are desperately needed in the Thai media

Anchilee Scott-Kemmis became a huge source of hope for many Thais, by being declared Miss Universe Thailand 2021 back in October, and having a social impact by breaking existing beauty ideals,…

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Photographer arrested for alleged sexual assault of beauty pageant contestants

A Thai photographer, accused of sexually harassing and even raping a number of beauty pageant contestants, was arrested on Friday, less than a day after three of the victims filed…

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Miss Universe Thailand’s sparks another Internet drama over her patriotism

Sonthiya Sawasdee, a former advisor to the parliamentary committee on law, justice and human rights, threatened to take a legal action against Miss Universe Thailand today (Tuesday) for allegedly insulting…

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