14 July 2024

Bangkok police returned to using regular checkpoints on April 1st, for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the country, and had already booked three offenders for driving under influence in less than an hour.

The police detected Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) as high as 123 units (0.10% per 100ml of blood) in one of the motorists, who was driving along Prasert-Manukitch Road. The law states that a person with a BAC over 5 units per 100ml is considered legally intoxicated and is not permitted to drive.

He was immediately sent to the appropriate police station, and bailed for Bt20,000.

The drunk driver could face a fine of between ฿5,000 and ฿20,000.

The public can, however, file an official complaints about an illegitimate police checkpoints via the 1197 or 1599 hotlines.