11 July 2024

Police Senior Sergeant Major Chawinnatat Padungthammasanti, a traffic officer in Thailand’s northern province of Phetchabun, is not a typical traffic cop, who spends his days directing traffic and issuing tickets to traffic violators.

For 7 years he has voluntarily been disposing of roadkill, which is often left to be crushed by passing vehicles until their remains are gone.

Chawinnatat picks up the carcasses, mostly dogs, in a plastic bag and buries them in the backyard of his police station, to fertilize the soil. He also uses his own concoction to speed decomposition.

What he does, is not only gets rid of an eyesore and foul smell from the roads in Phetchabun province, but has also won him widespread praise and acclaim.

Asked why he does this macabre task, Chawinnatat said that the duty of a traffic policeman is to ensure road safety, noting that an accident can easily happen if a motorist suddenly swerves to avoid running over the dead animal.