23 May 2024

An alleged drug addict, who attacked a schoolboy with a large knife at a school in Suphan Buri on Friday, has been charged with attempted murder and for carrying an offensive weapon in public.

The incident occurred at a school in Nong Ya Sai district, when a man, who had apparently been sniffing glue, climbed over the school’s fence and attacked a 9-year boy with a large knife.

A teacher in a nearby classroom heard someone shouting about a boy being attacked by an intruder.  He rushed to the rescue of the boy and took him to hospital.

Doctors say that the boy suffered a skull fracture, requiring emergency surgery.

The attacker, who fled from the school and hid in a nearby house, was eventually captured by the police. He allegedly told the officers that he had been hallucinating after sniffing glue and climbed over the school fence to attack the boy.

Residents in the school’s neighbourhood told police that the suspect had a history of damaging property whenever he appeared to be high after sniffing glue, adding that he had been sent for rehabilitation several times, but could not break the drug habit.

The school administrator, meanwhile, insisted that the school always locks all its gates once classes have started.