6 June 2024

All the 560,000 entitlements for hotel bookings, under the “Rao Tiew Duay Kan” (We travel together) Phase 5 program, have been used up as of 11am today (Friday). Booking began on Tuesday.

Under the program, each subscriber is entitled to a 40% room rate discount for rooms not exceeding 3,000 baht/night for five nights, or five rooms under the condition that the bookings cannot be cancelled or postponed.

Subscribers cannot stay in hotels in the province where they are domiciled, according to the census registration.

Each subscriber is also entitled to a 600 baht food and travel voucher/room, to be used on the condition that 60% of the food expenses is paid in cash and the rest in coupon.

Under the Phase 5 program, there is no air fare support from the government.

The entitlements are valid from March 10th until April 30th.

The program is expected to generate about 12 billion baht for the local economy at a cost of about 2 billion baht to the taxpayer.