23 May 2024

An outcry has been raised on social media after the owner of a zoo in Thailand’s Khon Kaen province posted disturbing pictures, on the zoo’s official Facebook page, of a Capybara (Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris) being abused, urging visitors not to harm them as such creatures are friendly and do not harm others.

The owner of the Khon Kaen Exotic Pets & The Fountain Show zoo, located in Sila sub-district in Muang district of Khon Kaen, told a reporter that, on New Year’s Day, many visitors flocked to the zoo and were all given baskets of vegetables with which to feed the animals.

One visitor, however, was surprised when a Capybara approached them. The visitor struck the creature with the basket until the creature bled. Staff members at the zoo quickly treated the animal’s wounds after the shocking incident.

The owner explained that Capybaras are friendly, tame and love to play with humans, and there has never before been a case of such creatures being abused at the zoo. She also demanded that the abuser come forward and explain their actions.