23 May 2024

This year’s Bangkok Design Week challenges visitors to plan well to appreciate overwhelming art projects in 9 areas of the Thai capital in just 9 days.

Held on the theme “urban”NICE”zation”, the Bangkok Design Week 2023 (BKKDW 2023) is featuring over 530 programmes scattered over the 9 creative districts, making it almost impossible to enjoy every single programme during the nine-day festival from 4-12 February though no doubt some afficionados will give it a shot.

The exhibition at Bamrung Nukunkit Building links with its neighbourhood

BKKDW 2023 is taking place in Charoenkrung -Talad Noi, Yaowarat, Samyan – Siam, Ari-Pradipat, Phra Nakhon-Pak Khlong Talad-Nang Loeng, Wongwian Yai-Talat Phlu-Khlong San,  Bang Pho, Phrom Phong and Kaset. Art will also be show in selected other areas and there are online activities too.

The best solution for each visitor is to map out what programmes are of the most interest and from there work out the routes. The festival is a gigantic playground of ideas, a massive blend of experiments, designs and creative ideas that have an impact both in social terms and on business.

Illumination inside the Hall of Sculpture at Silapakorn University

The Creative Economy Agency (CEA) has managed to firmly establish the festival, which is now in its sixth edition and reflects the good cooperation between the government, the private sector, and communities. “The past five festivals created economic value of up to 1.37 billion baht with over 1.75 million visitors and we expect those numbers to rise,” said CEA’s chairperson Atchaka Sibunruang.

She added that apart from boosting tourism in communities, the festival has also played a major role in driving UNESCO’s Creative Cities, of which Bangkok is one of the 7 creative cities registered in Thailand. Each district has interesting highlights that will stimulate tourism in Bangkok, attracting both Thai and foreign tourists. “The CEA is more than ready to welcome communities that are interested in participating in the festival next year.”

Dialogue between” exhibition at Bamrung Nukunkit Building

The “urban”NICE”zation theme covers all aspects a city or community needs to go forward in this era. It includes Urban “nice” for the environment, mobility, culture, business, community and diversity and features a wealth of activities such as typography, photo exhibitions, installations, design, talks, workshops, stand-up comedy and film screening.

FOS Deisgn Studio’s work at charming Metropolian Waterworks Authority

Some of the highlights are a lighting exhibition by FOS Design Studio at a charming historic building of the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority; “You Do Me, I Do You”, an art exhibition that illustrates the Design & Object Association’s belief in the exchange of ideas and cross-collaboration at the Leunrit Community in Yaowarat (China Town); BORIBOON X SURIYA exhibition, which showcases a number of prototypes and ideas under the “Personalise one’s own funeral” concept by long time full-service funeral business Suriya Funeral and its new brand Boriboon; Yaowalen project featuring  Chinese Opera performance by famous opera troupes at Bunsamakom Shrine with a journey to backstage to admire the costumes and makeup, “Dialogue between” exhibition at one of Thailand’s oldest printing houses Bamrung Nukunkit Building reflecting its neighbourhood’s nature and FOS Design Studio “illuminate the Sculpture Museum” at Silapakorn University.

By Veena Thoopkrajae

D&O exhibition by night at Leunrit Community