3kg of plastic found in dead wild deer

(Photos) Chananya Kanchanasaka/Facebook

Ms. Chananya Kanchanasaka, a veterinarian at the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation, posted on her Facebook page last night (Tuesday) photos of dead wild deer with bits and pieces of plastic waste, including a plastic fork, in total weighing 3kg found in the animal’s stomach.

Ms. Chananya did not identify the location where the deer was found, but she described Thailand’s worsening plastic waste situation as a crisis, which needs a change in people’s attitude and behaviour to address.

“We create this plastic waste and take it into the forest. Not only Mariam died because of plastic, but also many other animals in natural habitats, like wild elephants and deer in Thailand’s national parks. We need both the laws and the people’s common sense to tackle the problem.” she said.


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