6 June 2024

Thailand and the United States will further enhance Thai-US relations and trade development, said Prime Minister and Finance Minister Srettha Thavisin after he briefly met US President Joe Biden in New York.

Srettha said about their meeting during the reception for leaders attending the 78th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) meeting, saying that the atmosphere was positive.

The prime minister said that he emphasized on the longstanding trade relationship between Thailand and the United States, which has spanned over 190 years. The US president congratulated him on his assuming office as the Thailand’s prime minister and confirmed that they would be good trading partners.

He also expected mutual discussions between both sides during the APEC meeting in San Francisco in November. Therefore, he will request a joint meeting, according to Thai News Agency.

The prime minister also mentioned the opportunity to meet with various foreign leaders, such as the prime minister of Estonia, a country known for significant progress in E-Government.

Thailand contacted Estonia to learn and request technology transfer to enhance government efficiency, reduce bureaucratic processes, and combat corruption.

Additionally, he met the Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, and discussed the possibility of visiting the United Kingdom, with the hope of making further progress in the future. (TNA)