12 leaders of Khana Ratsadon group to face lèse majesté charges

Police have issued summonses for 12 core members of the Khana Ratsadon anti-establishment group, to acknowledge charges of lèse majesté, among others, for their leading roles in protests demanding sweeping reform of the Thai Monarchy.

The police’s decision to invoke the infamous Section 112 of Thailand’s Criminal Code comes ahead of a mass protest today, organized by the Khana Ratsadon group and others, expected to take place at the Crown Property Bureau.

The 12 Khana Ratsadon leaders facing charges are:

  1. Parit “Penguin” Chivarakeight cases pending
  2. Panasaya “Rung” Sitthijirawattanakulsix cases pending
  3. Panupong Jardnok or Mike Rayongfour cases pending
  4. Anon Nampafour cases pending
  5. Passaravalee “Mind” Thanakitvibulpholthree cases pending
  6. Chanin Wongsritwo cases pending
  7. Chuthatip Sirikhanone case pending
  8. Tadthep Ruangprapaikitserione case pending
  9. Atthaphol Buapatone case pending
  10. Chukiat Saengwongone case pending
  11. Sombat Thongyoi – one case pending
  12. Piyarat Chongthep – one case pending

It is reported that police in several districts have sought arrest warrants, but the courts have rejected their requests on the grounds that these protest leaders are public figures and are of fixed abode. The court recommended that the police issue summonses instead.

Parit said, in his Facebook post, that he received the summons, on two charges, at his residence last night, namely lèse majesté and violation of the Computer Crime Act, adding that he is not worried about the charges “because the ceiling has already been broken.”

He also posted a notification of change of venue for today’s protest muster point, from the Democracy Monument to the head office of the Siam Commercial Bank.

In her Facebook post today, Panasaya said police came to find her last night at her university. She told the police to show her the summons and not to come looking for her at night.

The SCB head office is closed today, ahead of the arrival of protesters, as police erect barriers to prevent protesters from getting near the bank on Ratchayothin Road. Additional CCTV cameras were also installed around the bank.

Throughout last night, authorities placed cement and plastic barriers on roads around the Crown Property Bureau. Thousands of police have been deployed around the bureau to maintain law and order.


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