21 May 2024

People living in Bangkok and its surrounding provinces are advised to brace for an increase in PM2.5 dust in the atmosphere, which is expected to get worse during the cold season through December and January, and to protect themselves by following guidelines issued by health officials.

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), in cooperation with relevant agencies, has taken steps to ease the problem from PM2.5, which is likely to exceed safety levels.

According to Bangkok Governor Aswin Kwanmuang, the steps taken or to be taken include a ban on the burning of farm waste or garbage in open spaces, road cleaning, the spraying of trees to remove dust and the launch of a campaign to encourage people to reduce emissions.

The Air4Thai application, which keeps track of air quality in and around Bangkok, reported that the air quality today (Tuesday) is at a moderate level, but there are signs that, in Klong Sam Wa, on Ma Charoen Road and in Mahachai sub-district of Samut Sakhon province, the air quality is deteriorating to the level that it may pose a health hazard.

Director-General of Health Service Support Department Dr. Tares Krassanairawiwong recommends that the public wear face masks, especially those that can filter out PM2.5 particles, all the time while they are outdoors.

He also recommends that people check the air quality via Air4Thai application or on the www.air4thai.com website before leaving home.

The Health Service Support Department has worked out a 7-point guideline for the public to help in protecting themselves against PM2.5 dust.

It suggests refraining from outdoor exercise or activities in areas in which PM2.5 exceeds safety levels, wearing face masks all the time when outside, stopping the burning of garbage and incense and regular house cleaning. Additionally, people with underlying diseases should refrain from leaving home, to reduce risk of exposure to PM2.5 dust, and they should see a doctor immediately if they develop breathing difficulties.