Why the role of the non-elected Senate will be crucial

Though not elected, the Senate will play a very important role in Thailand’s Thai post-election politics.   The non-elected 250 senators representing a wide range of professions will be hand-picked by the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO). They include the six members of the military top brass who are senators ex-officio.   Here are the reasons why their role will be crucial:

  • The Senate serves a five-year term (compared with four years for elected MPs)
  • Its basic duty is to deliberate and approve bills passed by the House of Representatives
  • The Senate has an oversight over political officer-holders with the power to impeach those charged with corruption and abuse of power
  • Appointees to the Constitutional Court and independent bodies (Election Commission, Anti-Corruption Commission and Office of the Auditor General) needs Senate’s endorsement
  • It has the power to monitor and expedite national reforms in accordance with the 20-year national strategy initiated by NCPO

Appointment of prime minister needs its approval


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