Water in several major reservoirs drops to critical levels

(Photo) Pasak Cholasit Dam

Water levels in several major reservoirs in Thailand have reached a critically low point due to the prolonged lack of rain, despite the onset of rainy season, said the Hydro and Agro Informatics Institute (HAII).

The HAII has listed the usable amounts of water in the following reservoirs:

  • Ubonrat 0%
  • Sirindhorn 2%
  • Pasak Cholasit 5%
  • Chulabhorn 5%
  • Sirikit 6%
  • Bhumibol 7%
  • Kwae Noi 11%
  • Khun Dan Prakanchon 13%
  • Vajiralongkorn 17%
  • Srinakharin 19%

Meanwhile, irrigation department director-general Thongplaew Kongchan has ordered irrigation offices throughout the country, especially in the northern, northeastern, central and eastern regions, to step up their efforts to help farmers and local residents.

Farmers have been told to rely on rain as their main source of water because of the current shortage.  Irrigation offices have also imposed water rationing for agriculture.

Meanwhile, Mr. Sucheep Meethom, director of Bhumibol Dam in the northern province of Tak, has sought cooperation from people, who rely on water from the reservoir for consumption and agriculture, by using water sparingly after it was discovered water inflow to the reservoir is less than normal.

The prolonged absence of rain has caused extensive damage to rice fields downstream of the dam.  Many farmers have turned to underground water sources to save to their crops, but have to bear additional costs.

Mr. Sucheep said that the average water inflow to the reservoir has fallen to 303 million cubic metres from 965 million cubic metres and there are now only 909 million cubic metres of usable water left.



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