Visitors to orthopedic clinic in Yala must report to health officials immediately

Those who visited an orthopedic clinic on April 23rd, in Muang district of Thailand’s southern border province of Yala, were told today to report immediately to their nearest health office, after it was discovered one visitor had failed to tell a doctor at the clinic that he was infected with COVID-19.

The clinic also issued a statement, on its Facebook page, saying that the doctor and the staff have already entered self-quarantine at home and will monitor their health for 14 days.

The statement indicated that the doctor has not yet developed any symptoms, but admitted he was in close contact with the infected patient.


Meanwhile, Thai authorities from the southern military command will consult with their Malaysian counterparts to end the illegal entry into Thailand of Thai migrant workers from Malaysia.

Many Thai migrants, who worked in Tom Yum Kung restaurants in Malaysia, avoided immigration checkpoints when they returned to Thailand through the porous border, because they did not have proper documents.


Malaysia has closed its border with Thailand, but a few checkpoints remain open to allow Thai migrant workers to return.  The Thai side has limited the number of entries to about 200 each day, concerned that too many returnees will overwhelm the sate quarantine facilities.

Jobless and running out of money, many of the workers have resorted to entering Thailand illegally through the long border, which is only sparsely patrolled by paramilitary rangers.


Malaysian officials have granted permission to send speed boats to collect Thai workers stranded in Malaysia.

All returnees must enter state quarantine for 14 days.


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