11 July 2024

People in Bangkok and most other parts of the country woke up this morning feeling as if they are in the middle of the cold season, instead of what is usually the hottest month of the year.

The temperature fell by 2-4oC in the northern and central regions, including Bangkok, thanks to an unusually strong high pressure system from China, which is now covering the northern part of Thailand, according to the Thai Meteorological Department.

In Bangkok, the temperature fell to 21oC.

The Weatherman said that this unusually cold weather, in the middle of the hot season, was also recorded six years ago, adding that the current weather system will last for the next 2-3 days.

In most parts of the northern region today, low temperatures this morning ranged from 18-23oC and highs will peak at between 26-28oC.

Bangkok and its surroundings are cold and windy and rain will cover 10% of the area.

The southern region is relatively warmer than the rest of the country, but it will experience more rain, covering 70% of the area, with occasionally heavy showers. Flash flood warnings have been issued in areas close to natural waterways.