6 June 2024

The Election Commission (EC) is expected to be able to announce unofficial results at about 10pm on May 14th, said Suranee Pontawee, deputy secretary-general of the EC, today (Wednesday).

She said that the media will all know the unofficial results at the same time, if they link to the EC’s ECT Report system, which is heavily protected against hacking and system collapse.

She also said that members of the public can gather at the Office of the Election Commission or at the central vote-counting offices in the various provinces to keep abreast of the election results, or follow the vote counting via the internet.

Suranee said the first set of election results, from polling stations which have a small number of voters and advance votes, are expected to enter the ECT Report system at 7pm, two hours after the 5pm poll closure.

Votes cast in every polling station will be checked, counted and put in a sealed ballot box, signed for by the local election chief and sent to the relevant district office for rechecking. After that, the results will be entered into the ECT Report system, she added.