11 July 2024

The United Thai Nation party will propose a motion to the House of Representatives seeking a revamp of security measures for Royal motorcades, following a recent incident in which a member of the anti-monarchy Taluwang movement was accused of honking a car horn at the convoy of HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn on an expressway in Bangkok.

Akanat Promphan, secretary-general of the United Thai Nation party, said in his “X” post today that he will seek party approval at a meeting this Tuesday for a motion to parliament, asking all parliamentary committees to review security measures for Royal motorcades.

He said that honking a car horn at a Royal motorcade in Thailand is considered to be an act of harassment and a show of disrespect to members of the Royal Family.

He said that officials in charge of security, including intelligence officers and the advance team preceding a Royal motorcade, must review their security protocols and take swift legal action to prevent potential conflict between royalists and anti-monarchists.

A clash took place at the Siam Square BTS station on Saturday, between a group of royalists and members of the Taluwang group, when the movement’s leader, Tantawan Tuatulanon, held a rally there to explain the car horn incident and to gauge public opinion about Royal motorcades.

The royalist group, People for the Protection of Monarchy Centre, issued a statement today, accusing the Taluwang group of illegal assembly and of resorting to violence by attacking them first.

The group urged the police to take action against Tantawan for her conduct in honking at the Royal convoy.

At the rally yesterday, Tantawan offered an apology, claiming that she was travelling at speed and was not careful enough.

Move Forward party leader Chaithawat Tulathon said in his Facebook post late Saturday night that, in a democracy, divergent views are normal and differences in opinions should not lead to violence, witch hunts or the marginalisation of people, which will only increase misunderstanding and conflict.

He said that he understands the frustration of the Taluwang group, which is just trying to convey their message and their views on Royal motorcades to other people in society, adding that he also disagrees with the conduct of the royalists at the BTS station yesterday.

Chaithawat said that Thai people should learn from past political violence and the incitement of hatred which, he added, will exacerbate political conflict.