6 June 2024

UNESCO has recognised five creative cities in Thailand, for gastronomy, crafts, folk arts and design, according to Anucha Burapachaisri, spokesman for the government.

Phuket was first granted the UNESCO creative city of gastronomy status in 2015, for its traditional food varieties,which have been passed down from one generation to another. The local food industry earns the island province an estimated US$3.6 billion in revenue each year, said Anucha.

Chiang Mai was recognised by UNESCO for its crafts and folk arts in 2017. The province is well known as a source of wood crafts, as well as ceramic, niello and silver wares.

Bangkok was granted the UNESCO design status 2019 for itsblending of old and modern designs, the diversity of the people in the capital as well as the evolution of the design of the city.

Sukhothai was recognised as a UNESCO creative city of crafts and folk arts, like Chiang Mai. The province boasts more than 1,300 artisans, who work in community-based industries, such as textile weaving, ceramic wares, gold and silver ornaments and Sangkhalok ceramic ware.

Phetchaburi was recognised as a UNESCO creative city of gastronomy, for its ecological diversity and traditional community recipes.