6 June 2024

After much anticipation among fans, South Korea’s YG Entertainment has announced the official line-up for their new female K-pop group “BabyMonster”, which includes two Thais, “Chiquita” and “Pharita”. The announcement was made on Youtube on Friday

Chiquita and Pharita will be the second and third Thai nationals to debut under YG, after BlackPink member Lalisa Manoban, aka “Lisa”, became the first in 2016.

The announcement was followed by its reality show “BabyMonster Last Evaluation”, which had previously been released on Youtube, in which seven female trainees showcased their abilities through vocal and dance ‘missions’, both individually and as a group, before the producers decided on its final members.

YG’s Executive Producer and Chairman, Yang Hyun Suk, initially announced that BabyMonster will not debut as seven members, but only five. After much discussion, especially among fans, he has, however, decided to include all of them as official members.

Image Courtesy: YG Entertainment

The final members are “Ahyeon”, “Ruka”, “Chiquita”, “Haram”, “Pharita”, “Rora” and “Asa”.

Thais on Twitter expressed their excitement over the new K-pop group, pushing hashtags, #PHARITA, #CHIQUITA, and #BAEMONPERFECTLYSEVEN among the top trending topics.

BabyMonster is set to debut this year.