6 June 2024

Two Thai tourists were killed in Turkey when their tour bus slammed into a roadside sign on Thursday (local time), according to Thai Foreign Ministry spokesperson Kanchana Patarachoke today.

The victims, whose names were not revealed, were part of a tour group of 26 Thais. A number of Thais were injured and admitted to nearby hospitals. A Turkish national was also killed in the accident, which occurred in the southwestern Turkish city of Denizli.

Kanchana quoted a report from the Thai Embassy in Ankara, stating that some of the injured have already been discharged from hospital. The tour company, which sent its representatives to visit the injured Thais in the hospital, said that it will take responsibility for the tourists affected.

Relatives of both the deceased have been informed and the embassy is ready to help the families with whatever arrangements they wish for their remains. She added that families of the Thais in the tour group can contact the Foreign Ministry’s Consular Department or the Thai Embassy in Ankara for more information.