6 June 2024

In raids on 21 locations in Bangkok and seven other provinces on Monday, police from the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) have arrested 26 suspects, including a number of Chinese nationals, believed to be members of an online scamming network.

The police also seized 28 million baht in cryptocurrency, 100,000 baht in cash, 23 bank books, 21 cell phones and 19 SIM cards and other items.

A CIB police source said that the gang created a fake Facebook page for the Aurora gold shop, to dupe victims into believing that it is the real gold shop offering a gold trading investment service, with promises of high and quick returns.

The source said, initially, investors would get paid fake profits, tempting them to increase their investment, after which they face difficulties or many deductions if they attempt to withdraw their investment.

The source estimated that about there was about 1.2 billion baht in revolving funds circulating through the seized bank accounts.