11 July 2024

Thailand today recorded 21 new COVID-19 cases, including two female Thai bar workers who slipped across the border, from Myanmar’s Thachilek township into Mae Sai district of the northern province of Chiang Rai, on November 24th.

According to the CCSA There are 17 Thais among the 21 new infections. They include a male returnee from India, a woman from Italy, two women from Germany, three women from Switzerland, three women from Japan, a female student from Britain, a woman from Russia, a woman from Denmark, awoman from the Netherlands, a man from the United States and the two girls from Myanmar.

The four foreigners are Japanese, French, Omani and Russian.

Cumulative infections in Thailand, to date, are 3,998, including 2,454 locally-transmitted cases and 1,544 imported cases.  Three new recoveries were recorded today, bringing the total to 3,803. 135 others are still being treated in hospitals and death toll remains 60.

Global cumulative infections, until 9am, today are 63,066,168, with 105,549 severe cases. Total recoveries are 43,542,381 and total fatalities are 1,465,048.

The world’s top five countries, in term of total infections are:

1. USA​​ 13,750,404
2. India​​  9,432,075
3. Brazil​​  6,314,740
4. Russia​​  2,269,316
5. France​​  2,218,483

Thailand is ranked at 151st.