6 June 2024

The Channel 9 TV transmitter tower, located on top of Doi Pui mountain in Mueang district of Thailand’s northern province of Chiang Rai, narrowly avoided destruction by forest fires last night, thanks to the hard work of fire-fighting volunteers.

Officials from Mae Puem National Park and volunteers, mobilised by local administration organisations, rushed to fight the fires as they crept towards the tower.

Officials manning the relay station near the tower desperately tried to hold the fires back, until firefighting reinforcements arrived. They eventually managed to contain the fires and a fire break was created as a preventive measure.

Forest fires were reported in several areas yesterday (Sunday), including Huai Chompu sub-district of Mueang district, Lam Nam Kok National Park in Mae Suai district, on Jorakhae mountain in Mae Chan district, the national forest reserves in Tha Ko and Sithoi sub-districts of Mae Suai district and in Wiang Pa Pao district.

Altogether 171 hotspots were detected in Chiang Rai yesterday.