Transport Minister to continue fight against Hopewell compensation award

While accepting the decision of Thailand’s Supreme Administrative Court, ordering the Transport Ministry and State Railway of Thailand (SRT) to pay 24 billion baht in compensation to Hopewell Thailand, Transport Minister Saksayam Chidchob announced today (Thursday) that the Ministry will fight on, with another case still pending in the Central Administrative Court.


The Supreme Administrative Court on Wednesday upheld the Central Administrative Court’s decision to reject the retrial petition, in the legal conflict between the Transport Ministry and the SRT on one side and Hopewell Thailand on the other. The case results from an arbitration panel’s order that the Thai state pay compensation for the cancellation of the 80 billion baht elevated rail and highway project.

Mr. Saksayam said that, in the latest court case, filed in the Central Administrative Court on June 17th, the Transport Ministry and the SRT are questioning the legality of Hopewell Thailand’s registration.


Asked whether the Transport Ministry will attempt to negotiate a compromise with Hopewell, over the compensation payment, the Transport Minister said that a panel is working on that approach.

Commenting on the High Court’s verdict yesterday, Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha said that the case dates back many years, but the Government will respect the court’s ruling and Transport Ministry has been instructed to try to solve the problem, adding that he does not blame any specific party for the loss of the court case.

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