6 June 2024

Trang provincial governor Kajornsak Charoensopha has tendered his resignation from government service, a year ahead of his mandatory retirement, after being found, by the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC), to have committed a gross disciplinary violation and irregularity in connection with the procurement of two sets of Alpha 6 fake bomb detectors back in 2008.

The NACC recommended that the governor be dismissed from government service.

Interior Permanent Secretary Suttipong Juljarern said that he has approved Kajornsak’s resignation adding, however, that the he has the right to defend himself as the case is not yet concluded.

He also said that he believes the governor was not involved in any corruption concerning the procurement of the bomb detectors. He was then a member of a committee tasked with taking official delivery of the devices.

Several other governmental agencies also procured the British-made bomb detectors, known as GT-200 or Alpha-6, for use in the detection of explosives and narcotics. Among them were the Thai military, the Customs Department, the Justice Ministry, the police and even some Tambon (sub-district) Administrative Organisations.

The Royal Thai Army was the biggest buyer of the bomb detectors, which were later proved to be useless in detecting explosives or narcotics. During the tenure of the Army Commander-in-Chief General Anupong Paochinda, from 2008 to 2009, a total of 541 GT-200 bomb detectors, worth over one billion baht, were procured.

No high-ranking military officers, including General Anupong, have been faulted by the NACC for the procurement.