6 June 2024

All train services, which begin and terminate at Bangkok’s central Hua Lamphong railway station, will continue to do so until the completion of a study into the impacts of the rail services on commuters and the operations of the suburban line (Red Line) which is expected to take at least 30 days.

The decision to continue train services to Hua Lamphong, instead of terminating at Bang Sue grand station, which will take over as the main railway hub, was agreed at a meeting today (Monday) of representatives from relevant agencies, chaired by Transport Minister Saksayam Chidchob.

Saksayam has instructed the panel tasked with conducting the impact assessment to submit its findings within 30 days, during which train services will terminate at Hua Lamphong as usual.

The decision follows calls by many train commuters to preserve the train services into Hua Lamphong, claiming that they will be hit hard and will have to spend more money if services terminate at Bang Sue, as their work places are mostly in the inner city.

Also considered at the meeting today were the fares on the Red Line during the first three years of commercial operation. The one-way fare starts at 12 baht and 1.5 baht per kilometre for the rest of journey, but the total fare should not exceed 42 baht for the entire route.