Thanathorn vows to be a “prime minister for change”

As parliament rejected the suggestion that both contenders for the prime minister’s post should present ‘vision’ speeches, Future Forward party leader Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit delivered his vision outside parliament today, saying he would be a “prime minister for change” who would move Thailand forward, politically and economically.


Thanathorn is not permitted to attend parliamentary meetings because he is currently suspended from his duties as an MP by the Constitutional Court.


“If you want Thailand to be a country of just a handful of people who have the right to dictate the destiny of all the people without adhering to any principles or righteousness, you don’t have to listen further,” said the Future Forward party leader as he started his speech.


Thanathorn said that GDP no longer reflects the people’s quality of life, national budgets have been spent inefficiently and a lot of people have been unfairly treated by the powers that be.


Tackling social inequality, he said, is not a matter of simply adjusting statistics, but about assuring equal rights and opportunities for all, adding that the Thai people must aim to drive Thailand to be on par with the other countries in terms of economic development and public services.


“How good it will be if we can deliver Thailand into the First World for our descendants.  Everyone has rights and liberties; there must be justice and no coups, said Thanathorn.


He vowed to be a prime minister who will drive Thailand forward through the parliamentary system with the King as the head of state and stable democratic rule “no matter how difficult it is or how much time it takes, we must stick to this path and not take short cuts, no coups or distortions of the people’s voice.”


Meanwhile, Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha, Palang Pracharat party’s prime ministerial candidate, refused to talk about politics when reporters approached him during the opening ceremony of Anti-Human Trafficking Day in Bangkok today (Wednesday).


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