24 June 2024

The Thai Foreign Ministry has advised Thais working in Israel to consider their safety carefully, before deciding stay on and not return to Thailand.

The ministry has also asked those who have applied to return, but have changed their minds, to notify the Thai embassy in Tel Aviv before their scheduled departure, so the embassy can manage evacuation flights effectively.

According to the latest report, about 8,500 of some 30,000 Thais working in Israel have registered to be return to Thailand. A number of them have, however, changed their mind and have chosen to continue to work there.

The ministry reiterated that the Thai government will repatriate Thais who want to return home as quickly and safely as possible, adding that they should not worry about the payments owed to them by their Israeli employers, as the Thai embassy will deal with the matter and make sure that they get paid.

The ministry also said that the Israeli government has promised to secure jobs for returning Thais who want to go back to Israel to work in the future.

The Royal Thai Air Force’s third evacuation flight arrived at Don Mueang airport this morning (Sunday) carrying 140 Thai evacuees.